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Scientific and Applied Journal Vidnovliuvana Enerhetyka (Відновлювана енергетика)

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Department of Physical and Technical Energy Problems
Institute of Renewable Energy

Founded in August, 2004

Scientific and applied journal Vidnovluvana energetika
                                                      Відновлювана енергетика

Professional edition by Scientific and applied journal ”Vidnovluvana energetika”  of  National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, department of physical and technical problems of energetic by NAS of Ukraine founded in 2004 year by Institute of Renewable Energy.

According to the «List of scientific professional periodicals of Ukraine», the journal is appropriate for  publishing results of thesis (dissertations) for Doctor of Science and Ph.D. degrees in Technical science. The list is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine decree No1643 from 28.12.2019, category “B”. Each issue and all scientific articles of journal ”Vidnovluvana energetika” assigned Digital Object Identifier DOI with the prefix 10.36296.


The journal supports the open access policy adopted by the Berlin Directive in October 2003. Commercial use of journal articles is prohibited. Referring to «Vidnovluvana Energetika» is required when quoting. The journal does not return submitted articles to the authors. The views and opinions expressed in the articles do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the editors or the editorial board. Editorial board is not responsible for the information provided herein. Journal follows a procedure of single-blinded peer review. The editorial board has the right to reject the paper.