Theoretical study of gasification of fine brown coal dust from Mokrokalygorsk deposit in a vertical entrained flow gasifier under pressure of 4.2 MPa

Keywords: steam-oxygen gasification, reactor, coal pyrolysis, model, syngas, particle


An effective and practical solution of the displacement problem of the expensive imported natural gas from the chemicals production (ammonia, methanol, acetic acid and so on) is its replacement by synthetic gas from steam-oxygen gasification of solid fuels (brown or black coal, bio-energy resources) in a high-temperature flow under pressure. To achieve this, a model of the
dust particles gasification in high-temperature flow was constructed. With the help of this model detailed information about the Mokrokalygorsk deposit brown coal gasification parameters
required for the construction of pilot and industrial units was received. It is shown that the slag temperature exceeds the liquidity of ash, so the molten slag is formed on the entire inner
surface of the gasifier. To protect the screen of the gasifier from heat radiation is proposed to use a two-layer construction of shotcrete. Refractory materials are selected for each of the layers. The optimum operating parameters (flow ratio O2/coal and H2O/coal) were found providing the content of combustibles in the syngas − 88-92%, ballast − 3,7−6,7%, the degree of carbon conversion − 99.9% and the calorie gas − 11 MJ/Nm3.

Author Biography

B. Rokhman, Coal Energy Technology Institute NAS of Ukraine


Doctor of Technical Sciences, Leading researcher, Coal Energy Technology Institute NAS of Ukraine,

04070, Kiev, Andreevskaya street 19, Tel.: +38-044-425-53-77, E-mail:

Information about the author: the leading researcher of the Institute of Coal Energy Technologies of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences. Biographical information of Rohman B.B. is published in well-known world directories "Who's Who in Science and Engineering" and "2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century".

Education: Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute.

Research interests: Mathematical modeling of aerodynamics, heat and mass transfer and chemical reaction of a polydisperse ensemble of solid fuel in the chamber and layer furnaces, in reactors with a circulating fluidized bed and in the fluidized bed. Publications: more than 90 scientific papers, 27 of them are contained in the science-based Scopus database and 4 in the science-based Web of Science database.


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