Prospects of solar cells using for the combined PV modules

Keywords: combined PV module, temperature coefficient, solar cell


The article contains a concise review of some power directions concerning photovoltaic development. The part of the article is devoted to the combined PV modules, their advantages, a ratio of in a complex generated thermal and electric power among themselves, and also to some questions of their interaction and regulation, certain problems in questions of connection, a complete set and reliability of work of all parts of the module. In particular, it is about losses which are sustained by solar cells in the range of land temperatures during operation, about use in combined PV modules of solar cells of various types from the point of view of the size of their temperature coefficients. Data in the form of tables and schedules from a number of foreign authors about the change of certain electric characteristics of solar cells within values of temperatures for land application are used. Except for temperature characteristics of film and crystal solar cells, also some cells entering into the group of the perspective recently appeared Emerging PV are considered. In the article, the questions of ways of regulation of electric and thermal capacities in combined PV modules are raised. Recommendations of what solar cells it is better to use for work in combined PV modules are made.


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