Approaches to study the reliability of wind power station

Keywords: wind power, reliability, failure rate, markov processes, power supply


Evaluation of the reliability of wind turbines needed for more accurate determination of wind farm power generation in order to determine the loss of unreliable equipment necessary to know
the statistics on failure and recovery time of the elements and proper installation. To this end, by the most appropriate methods to research the reliability of wind farm schemes by analyzing the
reliability of electrical connections and power equipment. 
To solve the problems we must first distinguish three main areas of research, including:
1. Analysis of the reliability of wind power turbines.
2. Evaluation of the reliability block diagram of the wind farm.
3. Research the reliability of power wind farms to the grid.
The design scheme of wind turbines reliability can be provided as the easier system for technical reliability theory, which is a series connection of elements whose rejection occurs when
refusing any element of this system. Turbine Vestas-V52 was taken as an example in the article. For wind turbines made calculation parameters such as the failure rate, the average recovery
time and intensity of recovery. A comparison of sample domestic production TG-750.
The data obtained in the preceding paragraph were used for constructing Markov model state in PTC Windchill Quality Solutions environment and creating a mathematical model of the
state system to find depending between state probability of system, which consists of two wind turbines and time. The slight advantage of a foreign wind turbine was revealed. It was built the dependence between the coefficient of readiness and amount of wind turbines.
The last point considered a question of joining wind turbine to the grid, which today is one of the main since the collaboration with a network of major challenges remains security of
supply of electricity and instability generated power. The methods of obtaining an alternating voltage of wind farms were analyzed and defined the impact on quality of electricity supply
and reliability of installed equipment.


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