To the problem of raw materials for the production of liquid biofuels

Keywords: biomass, oil, microalgae, fotobioreaktor


Particular attention in recent years focused on the production of solid biofuels from straw and wood chips (briquettes, pellets and direct burning). The industry is characterized by the presence of the necessary raw materials, equipment and enough powerful improvement of technology.

The situation with liquid energy, which in Ukraine is two types – bio petrol and biodiesel significantly worse due to some problems. The basis of this article is to point out these problems, particularly in the production of biodiesel and identify possible alternatives to overcome them.

In the production of biodiesel main problems are the high cost of raw materials, that can be only vegetable oil that is a food export grade, and second, it is necessary to use arable land
planted with sunflower, rapeseed or soy. This situation creates a dilemma: food or biofuels. MA include in its biomass lipids that are similar in chemical composition to vegetable oils, and
second, the pace of growth is several times higher than the rate of growth of any plant on earth. It should be noted that arable land, fertilizers, and seeds are not used in the cultivation MA. To
ensure and support growth in the natural environment they use only water, sunlight and carbon dioxide from the air.
In IRE NAS of Ukraine initiated the investigation to establish research and industrial design FBR. It is assumed that in order to prevent undue costs to create possible inadequacy calculations when transferring biotechnology parameters based desktop laboratory experiments to industrial volumes, you must create a laboratory stand, which is a single, but a full-scale, the
biotech functions of the enterprise element ("trough") industrial photobioreactor equipped with all necessary communications network (water, light, heat, carbon dioxide, air circulators, coarse
and fine filters, sanitary fittings, etc.) and of monitoring and control.


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