Soil massif permeability pattern research at vertical well water fill

Keywords: soil massif, vertical well, scientific-geological element, soil thermophysical properties


One of the common sources of thermal energy is the natural heat of the soil. Using this heat can be implemented through the creation of underground soil heat exchangers with the use of
vertical wells. The subject of study is research of thermophysical properties in the soil massif that surrounding vertical wells.

In this article is possible to find experimental results of soil massif permeability and thermal conductivity of soil that surrounding vertical well during its filling of heat carrier. Determination of the thermophysical properties of soil massif that surrounding vertical well is necessary for determining the size of soil underground heat exchangers surface.
One part of this work is the development of the experimental plant for field research of thermal processes in the upper layers of the Earth with vertical wells. On this plant completed the first
stage of research - filling of a vertical hole by liquid heat carrier total volume of 663l and an initial temperature of 58 C.
As the heat carrier at filling vertical wells uses water in terms of environmental safety - enters in the aquifer, and in terms of ensuring the following researches
 Temperature measurement of the soil massif at different depths;
 Determination of thermophysical properties of the soil massif and vertical wells pipes.
In conclusion, we see that there is a need for further research of soil massif that surrounding vertical well, with the study of thermal processes at heat carrier motion in the well.


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