Determination of optimum tilt angle for PV panels considering solar radiation anisotropy

Keywords: optimal tilt angle, photovoltaic panels, solar radiation, anisotropic models


Photovoltaic (PV) plant should use solar radiation as much effective as possible. This case depends on structural parameters, profiles of load and radiation, PV panels tilt angle and orienta­tion, equipment parameters. Tilt angle and orientation can be changed in the easiest way in the opposite to other factors.

Solar radiation profile is the key parameter in PV panel tilt angle calculation, it can be obtained by direct measurements or using solar radiation models. At present solar radiation, models can be distinguished by radiation uniformity: isotropic and ani­sotropic. The most widely used isotropic model is Liu-Jordan model. As for anisotropic models, there are a lot of such kind models.

In the present article, a reader can find the review of the most optim­al photovoltaic panels tilt angle for Kyiv. These tilt angles values were found with a usage of different types of solar radiation mod­els, isotropic and anisotropic as well. At the final of the article, read­er can find the comparison table with tilt angles calculated using different models of solar radiation.



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