The potential use of hydropower resources of main small rivers Ukraine

Keywords: ecology, electricity, flow of the river, hydroelectric station, power


According to the publication of reference "Water Fund of Ukraine" (Kyiv, 2001), Ukraine has 63119 rivers and streams with a total length of more than 206 thousand km. The total theo­retical hydropower potential of small rivers in Ukraine is about 12.5 billion kW’hour per year. This value is output to determine the total technical potential of hydropower resources of small rivers in Ukraine.

Technically achievable potential of small rivers of Ukraine according to various sources range from 65% to 90% of the total hydropower potential. However, it should be noted that the full specification of the hydropower potential of small rivers on the terri­tory of Ukraine after 1960 was not held. In recent years, has changed the much regulatory framework of small hydropower Ukraine.

This publication by the energetic use for the main rivers of Ukraine that are most promising for small hydroelectric power production. Calculated based on research conducted legitimate hydrological information and in view of the current regulatory framework in the electricity and environmental sectors.

Determined that the amount of technically feasible poten­tial hydropower resources for even basic small rivers is within 3­15% of the total natural potential. This quantitative importance to bases for a technological capacity of small rivers throughout the territory of Ukraine based on certain natural potential.

Author Biography

P. Vasko, Institute of Renewable Energy, NAS of Ukraine


Information about the author: doctor of technical sciences majoring in «Renewable Energy Transformation», Head of Hydropower Department of the Institute for Renewable Energy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Education: National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute». Has a degree on electric machines and devices.

Research area: alternative energy, energy saving, conversion of renewable energy types and installations based on them, small hydropower.

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