Keywords: biogas, biomethanogenesis, electric field, aboratory equipment, biogasplant


Biogas production is a promising branch of alternative power engineering. For its further expansion, it is necessary to develop new methods for increasing the energy efficiency of bioreactors. The analysis of experimental data obtained by scientists around the world defined that it is possible to intensify the biomethanogenesis and increase an amount of gas received per cycle by electric field influence on a substrate. However, due to the inconsistency of conducted research, a discrepancy between the stages of the actual process and selective approach to individual groups of bacteria it is impossible the determine an optimal range of exposure intensity.

Due to the unsystematic pre-research data and the importance of the raised topic, it is necessary, at the first stage, to develop a concept and stages of the experiment. The second is to create a physical model of biogas plant, which will allow investigating the biometagonenesis cycle in different modes of heating, mixing and influence by an electric field on a substrate to determine optimal values of field strength and quantitative indicators of biogas output.

The article presents results of experimental researches on the determination of biomethanogenesis intensification possibility and establishment of quantitative parameters of biogas production under conditions of optimal values of electric field intensity. The laboratory installation for conducting experiments on the influence of electric field on the substrate and the work of bioreactor is described. The energy characteristics for thermophilic temperature regime are presented: the total volume of allocated biogas and the dynamics of its output, depending on electric field intensity.

As a result of the analysis, the range of electric field strength was determined, which makes it possible to stimulate the activity of bacteria involved in biogas production and increase its allocation to 20% under the thermophilic regime of bioreactor work.

Author Biographies

Yu. G. Kachan, Zaporizhya State Engineering Academy



the head of the department "Electrical Engineering and Energy Efficiency", Ph.D., professor

V. L. Kovalenko, Zaporizhya State Engineering Academy


the dean of the FEEIT, docent of the department "Electrical Engineering and Energy Efficiency", Ph.D., docent

O. I. Lapikova, Zaporizhya State Engineering Academy


the assistant of department "Electrical Engineering and Energy Efficiency".

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