The deterioration of Ukraine's supply of energy resources, and the growth of its value increases the interest in the use of renewable energy sources. Small hydropower engineering is the most developed of all non-traditional energy sources, and it allows the use of a large hydropower potential of small rivers and streams with the help of micro- and small hydroelectric power stations.

In this paper, the estimation of the hydropower potential of the rivers of the Polissian hydrological zone of the Dnipro basin is carried out. Among the small rivers, we choose the Hnylopiat river, which is located within the Vinnytsia and Zhytomyr regions. The river is part of the «Construction Zone» category, which means acceptable conditions for the construction of small hydroelectric power stations, and it is not a part of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine.

Using Google Earth Pro software, transverse relief profiles of the Hnylopiat River were built, which made it possible to build its vertical profile and determine the location of the HPP - Bystrik village. The depth of the river in this place is 5 meters, and the average perennial water consumption is 3.7 m3/s, therefore a Kaplan type hydraulic turbine was chosen.

Using SolidWorks software, a Kaplan's turbine impeller model was built. This allowed determining the distribution of speed and pressure on the blade in the hydraulic turbine's workpiece when the rotation angle is changed. At an optimum angle of rotation of 30, an even distribution of pressure on the blade of 102536 Pa is ensured, and the maximum flow rate of the water in the hydraulic unit operating element is 0.62 m/s.

To determine the hydropotentials of the Hnylopiat river, the method of «linear (section) metering» was used, which allowed determining the capacity of the Kaplan hydraulic turbine, which was 145.2 kW.

The expediency of establishing a small hydroelectric power station on the Hnylopiat river near the Bystryk village with the Kaplan hydro turbine has been proven with the help of RETScreen 4 software. Annual electricity generation is estimated at 1167 MWh, the annual reduction of CO2 emissions by 438.1 tons will be achieved; comparing to electricity generation from natural gas combustion, the payback period will be 1.5 years, and the simple payback period of the project is 1.7 years at an inflation rate of 12%.


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