• D Bondarenko Institute of Renewable Energy, National Ukrainian Academy of Science 02094, 20A Hnata Khotkevycha Str., Kyiv, Ukraine http://orcid.org/0000-0002-5629-930X
Keywords: equivalent circuits, electric model, accumulator, solar PV-element, simulation.


The goal of work is to create an equivalent electric circuit of the battery connected to the photocell and load. The work defined the necessity of creating electric models and equivalent circuits of electric energy accumulators, as well as when connected to solar photovoltaic cells. Different equivalent schemes of electric energy batteries are shown for different simulations. The evolution of equivalent circuits from simplified to generalized is shown. Described their parameters and set levels of current and voltage. It is shown that the simplified equivalent circuit of the battery based on Rint-models. It is determined that the developed model is an LCD model, since there are passive parasitic elements. It is shown that the subsidiary associations of two models in one, in the Thevenin-model. It is stated that the further development of models of an electrochemical battery has the model of Randels. This equivalent circuit contains an additional Warburg impedance. It is shown that to simplify this equivalent circuit, the impedance is replaced by a set of resistor-capacitor pairs. In the following, the connection of the general equivalent scheme of replacement of the battery to the photocell and load is shown. Its parameters are painted. As the photocell's replacement schemes, for simplicity, ideal voltage sources and capacitor resistors are used. Subsequently, for the wider modeling of the photocell, as ideal circuit current and non-linear passive elements, replacement of the circuit was used. Thus a generalized equivalent electrical circuit diagram of the battery connected to the photocell and load was obtained. Made of the equations for currents and voltage of the equivalent circuit. Ref. 6, fig. 6.


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D Bondarenko, Institute of Renewable Energy, National Ukrainian Academy of Science 02094, 20A Hnata Khotkevycha Str., Kyiv, Ukraine

Bondarenko.jpgAuthor information: Senior scientist of Institute of Renewable Energy, National Ukrainian Academy of Science. Solar energy department
Education: Kyiv national university T.Shevchenko (Radiophysics department). Postgraduate school of Institute of electrodynamics of NAS Ukraine

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PhD (theoretical electrotechnic), quantum electronic, photo- and optoelectronic, renewable energy
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