Keywords: optoelectronic load, LED, laser, equivalent circuits, electric model, accumulator, solar pv-element, simulation.


The goal of this work is to create equivalent electrical circuits of optoelectronic load that is powered by the photocell and the battery. This paper demonstrates the need to create such equivalent electrical circuits, when connecting LEDs and semiconductor lasers to solar cells, as a source of electricity, and when using battery power. It is shown that equivalent electrical circuits derive from physical phenomena in semiconductor devices, and equations describing the phenomena of electrical energy conversion to light. Different equivalent schemes of optoelectronic loads are outlined. Both the simplest and the most generalized equivalent circuits are shown. In particular, equivalent circuit of a battery, a simplified circuits of a photocell and an optoelectronic source of light is shown, where the LED is a load. It is noted that the development of this model is a more generalized equivalent electrical circuit where a semiconductor injection laser is an optoelectronic load. Their parameters and equations for currents and voltages are described. The existence of passive parasitic elements in such electrical circuits is also shown. It has also been shown that the ideal voltage source and the capacitor resistor are used in the simplified model to replace the photocell. Subsequently, in the generalized model, an ideal current source and nonlinear passive elements were used as a substitution scheme for wider modeling of the photocell operation. That is, as a result, a generalized equivalent electrical circuit of a battery connected to the photovoltaic cell and optoelectronic load was obtained. The equation for currents and voltages in the obtained substitution circuit is constructed. The conclusion was drawn. Ref. 7,  fig. 5.

Author Biography

D. Bondarenko, Institute of Renewable Energy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 02094, 20А Hnata Khotkevycha Str., Kyiv, Ukraine.

bondarenko.jpgAuthor information: senior scientist of Institute of Renewable Energy, National Ukrainian Academy of Science. Solar energy department.
Education: Kyiv national university T.Shevchenko (Radiophysics department). Postgraduate school of Institute of electrodynamics of NAS Ukraine.
Reasearch area: PhD (theoretical electrotechnic), quantum electronic, photo- and optoelectronic, renewable energy.
Publications: 43.


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