Keywords: gearless generators of modular design; winding options; tooth zone; meander winding; slot fill factor; the number of slots per pole and phase; the number of turns in the section; active length of conductors; electromagnetic power.


The paper is based on the results of calculations of a number of synchronous gearless direct-drive wind generators of modular design [1] with permanent magnet excitation in range of power since 600 to 3600 kW at a wind speed that is taken abroad during the design – 12.5 m/s. This approach to the study of machines allows to evaluate the complex relationship of their parameters with a minimum of assumptions, in particular, to take into account the saturation of the most loaded sections of the magnetic circuit and determine the feasibility of using some possible winding options that provide the greatest electromagnetic power to the generators, taking into account the manufacturability of their implementation; the features of the change in the tooth zone of high-power machines are shown, due to the low rotation speed of the generators in gearless installations and justified for this reason, the possibility of using the "meander" winding.

In such type of winding each phase is made in the form of a single continuous conductor, which eliminates the connection of sections in phase, which takes place in traditional windings, and reduces the resistance of the winding due to the absence of one frontal part in comparison with the coil section. When solving the manufacturing technology of such windings in the form of a copper bus, it is possible to increase the fill factor of the slots and the power of the generator in certain dimensions. It is possible to manufacture such a winding of cables, in this case the three-phase winding will represent three cables, which will simplify its manufacture, but the fill factor of the slots will be less.

In the paper different options of meander windings are compared in order to simplify their manufacture and traditional loose windings with a different number of slots per pole and phase in order to increase the tooth pitch and simplify the manufacture of the stator core and winding.  Ref. 9, tabl. 1, fig. 5.

Author Biographies

Y. Permynov, Institute of Renewable Energy, NAS of Ukraine, Hnata Khotkevicha Str., 20A, 02094, Kyiv-94, Ukraine

Permynov.jpgAuthor information: candidate of technical sciences, Senior Researcher at Institute for Renewable Energy, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Education: graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute in 1968 with a degree in Electrical Machines and Apparatuses.
Research area:  wind power systems, small capacity wind units, hydrogenerators, devices with permanent magnets
Publications: 88.

E. Monakhov, National Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» Peremohy av., 37, 03059, Kyiv-59, Ukraine

Monakhov.jpgAuthor information: assistant of department of electomechanics in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.
Education: graduated from the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 2012 with the specialization «Electrical machines and apparatus».
Research area: permanent magnet machines, synchronous generators, small energy plants, hydropower plants.
Publications: 27.

L. Volkov, Institute of ecological management and balanced nature management, 02002, Nikolsko-Slobidska str., 6 D, Kyiv, Ukraine.

volkov_lp.jpgAuthor information: senior staff scientist of scientific-methodological support department in Institute of ecological management and balanced nature management, Kiev.
Education: graduated the Moscow energy institute in 1959 with specialization «Electrification of industrial enterprises».
Research area: electric drive, electrical machines.
Publications: 21.


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