Keywords: fermentation, thermochemical transformation, gas generator, bioreactor, biofuel.


The purpose of the article is to assess the agricultural biomass hydrogen production potential and determine the areas of technical support for the realization of this potential. The article presents a promising model of production and biofuels use of agricultural origin. According to this model, it is appropriate to produce diesel biofuel, bioethanol (in the amount necessary to ensure the mobile equipment operation), biogas, biohydrogen, generator gas, solid biofuels (rolls, fuel pellets, straw briquettes).

It is established that hydrogen production in agriculture is possible using both the method of biomass thermochemical conversion and the biomass fermentation method. When using the thermochemical method, the proportion of plant biomass is used for the production of fuel pellets. Generator gas is produced of granules. Generator gas is used to produce biohydrogen. Additionally, the biomass of plant origin proportion, as well as livestock by-products can be processed into biogas by dark fermentation. For the biohydrogen by thermochemical method production, the use of advanced gas generators is proposed, the design of which prevents the formation of solid deposits on the working surfaces in the gas formation chamber. For the biohydrogen by fermentation production, the use of rotating bioreactors is proposed.

It is established that the theoretical potential of hydrogen production of plant origin agricultural biomass by thermochemical transformation is about 4.8 billion m3 of hydrogen per year. The theoretical potential of hydrogen production by fermentation is about 1.4 billion m3 per year.

For the hydrogen theoretical potential practical implementation, further theoretical and experimental studies of both methods of obtaining hydrogen in the conditions of agricultural production are necessary. Ref. 31, fig. 9.

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S. Kukharets, Polissia National University, 10002, 7, Staryy Blvd., Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine.

Kukharets.jpgAuthor information:  head of the Mechanics and Agroecosystems Engineering Department (Engineering and Energetic Faculty) of Zhytomyr National Agroecological University, D.Sc, professor of the Mechanics, and Agroecosystems Engineering Department.
Education: Zhytomyr National Agroecological University.
Research area: technical biotechnology, technical support of agro-ecosystems.
Publications: 235 publications, including 149 scientific (including 120 scientific papers published in native and 29 in international peer-reviewed professional magazines), 5 scientific monographs, 21 patents for inventions and 27 educational and methodological works.

O. Sukmanyuk, Polissia National University, 10002, 7, Staryy Blvd., Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine.

qwer.pngAuthor information: Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs of the Engineering and Energy Faculty, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Processes, Machines and Equipment in Agricultural Engineering.
Education: higher. State Higher Educational Institution "State Agroecological University" Specialty "Agricultural Mechanization".
Research area: mechanization, history of technology, renewable energy sources.
Publications: 170 publications, including 73 scientific and 73 educational and methodological, 1 monograph, 11 professional articles and 2 publications are contained in the scientific database Scopus.

Y Yarosh, Polissia National University, 10002, 7, Staryy Blvd., Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine.

yarosh.jpgAuthor information: Dean of the Engineering and Energy Faculty of Polissia National University, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of Electrification, Automation of Production and Engineering Ecology.
Education: Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University.
Research area: bioenergy systems of agrarian production, technological means of forming ecologically safe projects in the sphere of agro-food industry.
Publications: 104 publications, including 84 scientific (including 56 scientific papers published in native and 18 in international peer-reviewed professional magazines), 5 patents for inventions and 14 educational and methodological nature works.

М. Kukharets, Polissia National University, 10002, 7, Staryy Blvd., Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine.

jgjfgjf.pngAuthor information: Assistant Professor of Electrification, Production Automation and Engineering Ecology, Polissia National University.
Education: higher. Zhytomyr National Agroecological University. Specialty "Agroengineering".
Research area: technical bioenergy, obtaining combustible gas from biomass in the conditions of agricultural enterprises.
Publications: 16 publications (including 4 scientific papers published in native and 2 in international peer-reviewed professional magazines).


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