Keywords: regulatory framework, document, water, hydroelectric power plant, pumped storage hydro station.


Currently, the recovery of interest in small hydropower is caused by the steady increase in electricity tariffs, reduced construction of large hydro and hydro storage plants (HPP, PSH), a significant increase in fossil fuel prices and the presence of inefficient diesel power plants in remote areas. Further development of small hydropower is impossible without a state-coordinated scheme of small hydropower plants, development of land disposal procedures, permits for special water use, cooperation with environmental and environmental organizations, updating the regulatory framework. The existing regulatory framework does not promote the development of small hydropower, as for the implementation of the project of small hydropower plants it is necessary to approve the same amount of regulatory documentation and cover the same issues as for the construction of large hydropower plants. The existing normative and technical base of design, construction and operation of HPP and PSH needs to be reformed. The following normative documents are considered and analyzed in the article: Water Code of Ukraine, Rules of electrical installations, branch guiding documents (34.20.507-2003. Rules 34.03.106-2003 Safety of hydraulic structures and hydraulic equipment of power plants of Ukraine (Regulations on the branch system of supervision). The main provisions concerning: design, construction and operation of HPPs are considered; regulation of legal relations in order to ensure the preservation, scientifically sound, rational use of water for the needs of the population and industries, reproduction of water resources, protection of water from pollution, clogging and depletion, prevention of harmful effects of water and elimination of their consequences, improving water bodies, as well as protection of the rights of enterprises, institutions, organizations and citizens to water use. The analysis facilitates the procedure of consideration and monitoring of the legal framework, helps to increase the efficiency of experts, engineers, scientists and the quality of adopted laws in general. Ref. 13.

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A. Verbovij, Institute of Renewable Energy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 02094, 20А Hnata Khotkevycha St., Kyiv, Ukraine.

verbovyj_ap.jpgAuthor information: senior research  of Hydropower Engineering Department, Institute of Renewable Energy NAS of Ukraine
Education: Natiωnal Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute». Specialty: "Electric drive and automation of industrial instalations”.
Research area: conversion of renewable energy types, small hydropower.
Publications: 129.


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