Keywords: dynamic connection, commutation, solar panel, pv-element, MOSFET-transistor, controller.


The goal of this work is investigation of principles dynamic connection pv-cells in solar panels. In this paper shown advantages using these connections, that development of technique, require supply devices with different voltages and currents. It is noted that dynamic connections can form any topology of circuits of electricity generation by changing the connections from series to parallel and vice versa. It is also noted that there is a possibility of dynamic change of parameters directly during system operation. Shown that for dynamic commutation parallel and series connections needs three elements of electric circuit. Shown elementary circuit of dynamic connections and circuit for dynamic change of polarity output power of solar panel. Constructed basic circuit of dynamic commutation pv-cells in solar panel with using field transistors. Ways to solve problems related to parallel connection and parasitic elements are suggested. Shown using two, reverse connected, MOSFET-transistors for dynamic commutation. Marked that for control of this circuit advisable using program logic controllers, which can control commutation using early loaded microprogram. and are flexible in operational control and have additional functions of monitoring and communication with remote devices. With example of four pv-cells, shown construction of solar panel with dynamic connection of pv-cells and using SMD-transistors and control of controller. Marked that in this construction all elements could be maximum integrated. It is emphasized that the use of dynamic commutation is also a step towards the formation of alternating current of various shapes. Certain limitations of the proposed system are noted, in particular the multiplicity of the number of photocells in the panels, and its further development is planned. Ref.. 14, fig. 5.

Author Biography

D. Bondarenko, Institute of Renewable Energy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 02094, 20А HnataKhotkevycha St., Kyiv, Ukraine.

bondarenko.jpgAuthor information: senior scientist of Institute of Renewable Energy, National Ukrainian Academy of Science. Solar energy department.
Education: Kyiv national university T.Shevchenko (Radiophysics department). Postgraduate school of Institute of electrodynamics of NAS Ukraine.
Reasearch area: PhD (theoretical electrotechnic), quantum electronic, photo- and optoelectronic, renewable energy.
Publications: 43.


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