Keywords: wind power, wind project, RES support schemes, auctions, Feed-in tariff, market conditions.


Wind energy is a frontrunner of the global «green» energy transition and wrestler against climate change, which demonstrates its strong resilience to the current global challenges including COVID-19 pandemic. Its impossible to fulfil any international commitments as well as to achieve the national climate and energy targets without a clear state energy policy and effective RES support schemes. Current global policy instruments to support renewable energy in general, and wind energy in particular, include regulatory policies, fiscal incentives and public support. All these instruments are used by States in line with their energy capacity, political maturity and economic development. According to the current national legislation, new wind projects put into operation after 2022 are not subject to get a «green» tariff.  So the next logical step in the development of Ukraine’s carbon neutral economy and the wind industry as well is the transition from «green» tariff to market conditions. Given the Ukrainian political environment, such alternative RES support schemes as «green» certificates, Feed-in premiums, Contract for difference, auctions, corporate PPAs and guarantees of origin are considered as the most preferable for current RES market. Thus, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine has already taken the first step and in August 2021 presented the Draft Law “On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on Stimulating the Production of Electricity from Alternative Energy Sources Under Market Conditions” which stipulates for new support scheme for producers of  RES electricity namely Feed-in-Premium (or contract for difference). In addition to the above mentioned alternative RES support systems, market players also explore Ukraine’s offshore wind power potential as well as the prospects of  «green» hydrogen, which will become an integral part not only of the market-based RES sector but also of  job creation, development of national manufacture and a "green" economy as a whole. Bibl. 3, table 2.

Author Biographies

A. Konechenkov, Public Union Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, 20 Lavrska Street, office 316, 01015, Kyiv, Ukraine

img1.pngAuthor information:  Chairman of Board of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, Vice President of the World Wind Energy Association, Director of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Agency. Mr. Andriy has been working in the renewable energy sector of Ukraine for 27 years. In 2018 and 2020, Andriy Konechenkov was awarded Diplomas «Stakeholder of Green Changes» and Eco-Oscar «Ecotransformation» prize for his significant contribution to the «green» energy transformation of Ukraine. At 18th World Wind Energy Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Andriy Konechenkov received the World Wind Energy Award 2019 for outstanding achievements in the dissemination of wind energy utilization in Ukraine and worldwide
Education: The National Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute». Mechanical engineer. Specialty «Equipment and devices for the chemical industry»
Research area: Renewable energy sources and energy savings
Publications: Author of more than 300 publications on renewable energy sources and energy savings

К. Knysh, Public Union Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, 20 Lavrska Street, office 316, 01015, Kyiv, Ukraine

img11.pngAuthor information: Head of analytical department of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association and member of the Public Council at the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine. Kateryna Knysh became the first in Ukraine to defend her Master’s diploma on prospects for the development of offshore wind power in Ukraine. Kateryna Knysh has successfully completed 2021 Energy Community Summer School Program in Vienna, Austria.
Education: Institute Of International Relations Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Specialty «International relations». Programme «Environment and Energy Security»
Research area: Renewable energy sources and energy security
Publications: A number of articles on wind energy, including the White Paper «Offshore wind energy and green hydrogen: new frontiers of Ukraine's energy potential», prepared in collaboration with law firm Asters and Ukrainian Hydrogen Council


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