Keywords: ground heat exchanger, heat pump, porous media, filtration, numerical simulation


To determine the effect of the forced filtration flow of groundwater on the thermal efficiency of a U-tube vertical ground heat exchanger, numerical simulation of the groundwater flow and heat transfer in the ground mass during the operation of this device was carried out. The ground heat exchanger is an element of the heat pump system "ground - water". For numerical studies, the Darcy–Brinkman-Forchheimer model is used, which describes the flow of a fluid in a porous medium. Thermal efficiency is estimated by the amount of heat extracted from the soil massif and by the heat transfer coefficient on the outer surface of the heat exchanger. The influence of the pressure gradient in the soil mass was determined, as well as the influence of the dispersion of soil particles on the dynamics of the filtration movement of groundwater and the thermal efficiency of the heat exchanger.

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