Keywords: dynamic behavior, pv-panel, pv-element, coherent irradiation, laser.


The goal of the work is to research the dynamic behavior of photocells and photopanels under the action of pulsed coherent radiation, namely under the action of semiconductor injection laser radiation. The rate equations for the concentration of charge carriers and the density of photons in a semiconductor are presented, which describe the dynamic behavior of a semiconductor laser and a photocell. The parameters of rate equations are described. The paper also shows electrical models (equivalent circuits) of a semiconductor laser and a photocell for modeling electrical circuits and conducting theoretical analysis of processes in such circuits. The equations for equivalent circuits in electric values and parameters of electric circuits are written. Equipment has been developed for conducting an experimental research of the dynamic behavior of photocells and photopanels under the action of pulsed coherent radiation. For what power supplies, modulator, laser, analysator of electrical signals were used. An experimental research of a photocell and two photo-panels of different power under the action of laser radiation with different beam concentrations (concentrated beam and dispersed beam) was done. The oscillograms of transients in the photocell and photopanels are obtained. The analysis is carried out, which shows that due to relaxation processes and accumulation processes in the researchied semiconductor devices there is a change in the shape of the fronts of electrical pulses at the output of the photocell and photopanels. It can be seen that when the total area of photovoltaic panels is irradiated, the shape of the output electric pulse is clearer for detecting the pulse signal in the demodulator. It is concluded, in particular, that the parasitic elements of photovoltaic panels cause a significant delay in the transient process under co-herent irradiation, and that to avoid increasing the time of the front of pulse , it is desirable to irradiate the photopanel as a total.


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