Keywords: частотні характеристики, міжвиткова ізоляція, багатовиткові котушки, вихрові струми.


In this article, the main parameters for monitoring the insulation state of the windings of electrical machines are analyzed, the input resistances of the windings are studied as generalized parameters, and the calculation of high-frequency processes in the winding using circuit substitution schemes is carried out. A method for detecting defects in housing insulation is proposed, as well as a method for detecting short-circuited turns in multi-turn general-purpose asynchronous generator. It is shown that resonance phenomena in the absence and presence of a defect in the form of a short-circuited turn of one of the three phases of the winding of an electric machine are of a different nature when artificial resonances are created in the winding at lower or higher frequencies compared to common resonance.


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