Study of two-dimensional stochastic wind model as applied to certain regions of Ukraine

Keywords: bivariate normal distribution, dispersion, correlation coefficient vector of wind speed, dispersion ellipse


The paper is dedicated to the study of multi-dimensional stochastic
model on the hypothesis that wind velocity vector may be
characterized by the bivariate normal distribution featuring correlatable
zonal and meridional components. Half-hourly wind
speed and wind direction readings obtained from five Ukrainian
Aeronautical Meteorological Stations (civil) as initial data. Estimates
of the moments of the distribution, correlation coefficient for
wind vector components, and numerical characteristics of the
concentration ellipse was obtained as applied to each study
region. The concentration ellipses were described as applied to
each Aeronautical Meteorological Station (civil) with a probability
of 99%, 95%, and 70%. The matching of the directions of the
principal axes of the concentration ellipses and the directions of
rock massifs in Lviv and Simferopol regions were confirmed. It is
shown that the presence of rock massifs is a necessary condition
for the significant correlation between the components of wind velocity
vector, while the presence of coastline provides the ellipticity of
distribution density without any significant correlation.


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