Anaerobic digestion of mixture of manure with condensate from syngas plant

Keywords: biogas, biomass, waste, anaerobic digestion, substrate, gasification, condensate


Recently, gasification of solid fuels, in particular, biomass,
is beginning to revive in Ukraine. Condensate from syngas
plants needs to be cleaned before being released to the reservoirs
and watercourses. Usually, condensate is first purified by physical-
chemical, and then, if necessary, by biological methods. The
problem of cleaning condensate from syngas plants is relevant
and requires new technical solutions.
A new way to biological utilize condensate from syngas
plant has been developed. According to this method, the syngas
is bubbled through the layer of a liquid substrate and cooled down,
resulting in condensation of the tar, phenolic compounds, methyl
alcohol, fatty acids, water vapor, etc., which are part of the syngas.
Condensed organic matter serves as an additional nutrient
medium for microbial populations.
The purpose of the work is to investigate the effect of condensation
concentration in the substrate's moisture the process of gas
formation and to find out what maximum amount of condensate can
be processed together with manure in anaerobic conditions.
As a result of the research, a regularity was found, namely,
with an increase in the concentration of condensate in the substrate,
the degree of destruction of organic manure decreases,
and the output of biogas increases. Thus, an increase in the output
of biogas occurs due to the processing of organic matter,
dissolved in the condensate. Summing up the obtained results it can
be concluded that it is possible to utilize the condensate in an
anaerobic reactor in a mesophilic regime, and thus the concentration
of condensation in the substrate's moisture should be up to
8%, and the processing time from 30 to 50 days.

Author Biographies

V. Klius, Institute of Renewable Energy, NAS of Ukraine


Information about the author: Institute of Renewable Energy of NAS of Ukraine, head of bioenergy department, senior researcher. Ph.D. since the 1980 year.

Research area: bioenergy, gasification of biomass, organic waste utilization.

Publications: 65 scientific publications, including 18 patents.

H. Chetveryk, Institute of Renewable Energy, NAS of Ukraine

Information about the author: Institute of Renewable Energy of NAS of Ukraine, researcher.

Research area: biogas, organic waste utilization.

Publications: 37 scientific publications, including 3 patents.


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