Dynamic models of cyclic development of photovoltaic power generation systems

Keywords: innovative technologies, mathematical model, renewable energy, distribution scenario


Principles of modelling of the introduction and development of the photovoltaic power generation innovative technologies in renewable energy systems. Based on the analysis, evaluation, and development of famous models, the dynamic model of adoption and development, in the form of the generalized logistic curves, that takes into account the cyclical nature of processes, is proposed. To account economic and technological factors – the ratio of purchasing power of the region for which the calculated scenario of development of innovative technologies, efficiency of the photovoltaic generation system; average final cost of PV system generation for a user – proposed consolidated rate.
The results of calculations allow us to recommend the proposed model of cyclic development of photovoltaic generation systems in the form of a generalized logistic curve as a basis for building more complex models with several technological trends, which are able to cover not only renewable energy but electricity as a whole.


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