Publication ethics

Legal base of providing publication ethics set principles publications of scientific materials and position, developed by Committee with ethics scientific publications (The Committee on Publication Ethics - COPE) and “About author`s law and joint rights”,  recommendations of publication “Elsevier”

Publication ehics of scientific published works in the scientific and applied journal “Vidnovluvana Energetika” National Academy of Science of Ukraine.

1. The editorial board is responsible for taking decisions for publications of articles are presenting to the journal.

2. The activity of editorial board is base on principles of copyright notice and rights intellectual property, professionalism and impartiality, on reviewer`s recommendations and refers on this decision.

3. The editorial board should without prepossession to review all manuscripts are presented for publications, evaluate each and every in due course, notwithstanding, on the racial, religious, national accessories and position, place of work of the author(s).

4. Decisions for publications that or other material is receive only based on it scientific value, according thematic scientific and applied journal “Vidnovluvana energetika” and requirements for publication which are required.

5. The editorial board has guarantees confidentiality, namely is undertaking not to open information no one, according of this manuscript, except of editorial board and reviewers.  

6. Unpublished materials are disclosed in the given of manuscript, should not be use in the own editor`s researches, reviewer without clear writing author`s agreement.

7. The editorial board has right to refuse to take on printing material, if the article has low quality or doesn`t responds thematic of the scientific and applied journal “Vidnovluvana energetika” or sending it to working out.  

8. Decision about refusal in publication is taken collectively, at one`s ease and objectively.

Editorial board is open for partnership with all authors and reviewers, readers.

Ehics review of scientific publication in the scientific and applied journal “Vidnovluvana Energetika” National Academy of Science of Ukraine.

1. The editorial board has guarantees carrying a confidential, honest, impartial, substantiated and objective reviewing materials.

2. All materials were sent is passing the procedure of precending review by the method of “double blind peer review”.

3. The reviewer doesn`t know full name of the author, the materials of which he reviews, but author doesn`t know full name of reviewer.

4. However, in case of occurrence from reviewer`s of comments to content of work, hesitancy of authenticity or accuracy of individual data.  All remarks, provided by reviewer, should be objective and substantiated.  

5. Reviewer has hesitance in his ability to provide quality and objective reviewing, should not take part in the processing of material and due immediately returned their in the editor. 

Materials were sent have value for the following criterion:

1. Informrmational and full name of the article and annotations

2. Topicality of the article

3. Structure of the article (presence of introduction, parts, and conclusions)

4. Sharpness, correctness and transparency of formulations of purpose and tasks of the article

5. Clearness and accessibility of text of the article for target auditorium of journal

6. Fullness and topicality of bibliographic description of quote sources

7. Correctness of registration of bibliographic description of quote sources

8. Abidance of stylistics rules

9. Abidance of grammar rules

10. Scientific values of researchers results

11. Sharpness, correctness and transparency of formulations of purpose and tasks of the article.

Ehics of authorship scientific publication in the the scientific and applied journal “Vidnovluvana Energetika” National Academy of Science of Ukraine”.

1. Materials are submitted to the editor, should be setting according to established requirements. 

 2. For preparing of materials authors undertake steadily hold of legislation of Ukraine on the protection of intellectual property and principles scientific ehics.

3. For printing are receiving only original works were not published before.

4. Authors  guarantees that materials were passing to the editorial board, have not been published, earlier and not consideration in the other publications.

5. The editorial office has right of separate the article has been published if found out, that in the process of publication of the article was violated someone`s rights or generally accepted norms of scientific ehics.

6. About the fact deletion of the article, editorial office reports of author, who provided the article, person which has recommends and organization where the work was done.

7.  Company should be limited, who made a significant contribution in the development, arrangement, fulfillment, submitted researches and all singers agreed the final version of manuscript and passing it to print of editorial board.

8. Authors are responsible for accuracy and fullness of note, including reference on their previous work. The note are confirm according to requirements set.

9. The plagiary in any form is unacceptable.  

10. Authors should contribute of editorial board in preparation of materials for print, in particular inform editorial board about self-identified mistakes and inaccuracies, removed reveal by editorial board disadvantages in the formulization of the article, mistakes and imperfection, proved the requested of editorial board  explanation and confirmation.